Best Handheld GPS for Hunting

by | Last updated Feb 25, 2022

Best Crossbow ReviewsHunting is a hectic job that requires a lot of patience. You have to wait for hours to catch your prey. But nowadays, with the advancement of technology, things have been a lot easier. The proper equipment helps you hunt efficiently and fastly.

In older days, hunters used to take maps and had to spend hours hauling here and there. But this is not the case nowadays. GPS allows you to indicate where you can hunt and where you can easily find your prey.

There is a wide variety of handheld GPS out there. To save your time and to be more efficient in hunting, you need to find the right GPS for you. We have mentioned some of the best hunting GPS, so you don’t have to go here and there to find the best one for yourself. Let’s take a look at all of them.

Crossbow Name Weight Velocity Draw Weight
Ravin R15
(Professional Choice)
8 Pounds  425 FPS 195 pounds Check Price
Barnett Ghost 420 7.25 Pounds  420 FPS  185 Pounds Check Price
Excalibur Matrix Mega 405 6.2 Pounds  405 FPS  290 Pounds Check Price
TenPoint Carbon Phantom RCX 6.9 Pounds  385 FPS  160 Pounds Check Price
Barnett Ghost 410
(Editor’s Choice)
7.9 Pounds  410 FPS  185 Pounds Check Price
Killer Instinct Swat 6.9 Pounds  385 FPS  165 Pounds Check Price
Barnett Jackal 7.7 Pounds  315 FPS  150 Pounds Check Price
Barnett Penetrator Crossbow 8.6 Pounds  350 FPS  175 Pounds Check Price
Arrow Precision Inferno Fury
(Low Budget Option)
4.8 Pounds  235 FPS  175 Pounds Check Price
Barnett Wildcat C5
(Beginners Friendly)
8.5 Pounds  320 FPS  150 Pounds Check Price

1. Garmin inReach Explorer+ – Fastest Communicator 2021 (Professional’s Choice)

Ravin 15 Crossbow

Check Price

It is believed to fulfill and importantly even cross the GPS users’ demands with each aspect that it covers is so perfect and precise to work that it can get you out of trouble no matter what. It is assembled with a rechargeable Lithium-Ion that’s factory fitted in it, so it has an edge when it comes to reliability or long-lasting support.

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This device can work simultaneously as a GPS and a communication source as it helps to receive and send messages. Alongside this, you can initiate a continuous SOS with the search and rescue corners that are to notify you if you are to encounter any danger. It can also be paired with any mobile device for a more extended period to install the Earthmate app.


  • Easy and affordable two-way messaging.
  • Great smartphone application to download and install the application.
  • Proven global network to ease users with communication.
  • Largest and heaviest messenger.

2. Garmin GPSMAP 66st Review – Best Multisatellite Handheld with Sensors and Topo Maps

Check Price

We’ve purchased and tried the best handheld GPS units accessible or eight years running, and we cover the best to date in this survey. Exploring their way through whiteouts, desert washes, bluebird trips, and haze blanketed timberlands, our analyzers are backwoods travel specialists with energy for information logging.

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From graphing a course through Canyonlands to remaining on course during Alaskan ski missions, our group pushed these handheld GPS units as far as possible to test each component from convenience to gathering in the changed territory. At the point when you’re out of cell range, a handheld GPS will keep you on target. We did the legwork to help you locate the correct choice for your necessities.


  • Excellent reception.
  • Large buttons.
  • Big screen.
  • Smart notifications and connectivity.
  • Expensive.
  • Bulky.

3. GARMIN APPROACH G6 Review – Best Golf Course GPS

Excalibur Matrix Mega 405

Check Price

It is a very suitable option for everyone looking for a low budget but a GPS with great features. Mostly, it is sold for less than two hundred dollars, and the same goes with Amazon, the best considered online buying platform. A low budget precisely doesn’t imply that it lacks features such as a touchscreen that is quite slim and is assembled as a waterproof gadget.

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It is quite user friendly as it comes with a battery that can be charged with the time that usually works well for around fifteen hours with one charge. It is believed to achieve its goals though it’s not considered to be the top-of-the-line technology. With bundles of positive reviews that it had gained over time, its market demand has increased with it as well.


  • The smallest and lightest device tested that provides full hole views.
  • Full set of features, including statistics tracking and ability to determine club distance averages.
  • No fee for access to the course database.
  • Arbitrary nature of when distances are displayed to mapped targets.
  • We experienced minor bugs and crashes when trying to view scorecards on the device.

4. Garmin Oregon 600 Review – Best 3-Inch Worldwide Handheld GPS

TenPoint Carbon Phantom RCX Crossbow

Check Price

The Garmin Oregon 600 is considered and titles to be the best hunting GPS for the price range. It has a featured 3 inches touchscreen display. It includes a dual-band GPS/GLONASS satellite positioning, three sensors, and with it the Bluetooth availability that is thought to be its salient features.

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The actual unit also comes with a worldwide base map supported with a USB/charging cable, a carabiner clip, and a user manual. It is considered to be very adaptable. NiMH pack is mostly bought on its own and is rechargeable as the power source will connect the GPS unit to itself with a computer or laptop.


  • The GPS location is exact, even under thick coverage.
  • The touch screen is easy to use and easy to view details.
  • It has plenty of features and overall a good interface.
  • The software needs improving.

5. Garmin Montana 68 Review – Best Touchscreen Hiking Handheld

Barnett Ghost 410

Check Price

On the off chance that what you need is only a pilot, and there’s no requirement for you to flag your climate situation since you’re an adequately capable tracker, maybe the eTrex 20x may be a decent decision for you. It accompanies an overhauled show, and its screen estimates 2.2 inches. What makes it stand apart is that it’s illuminated, and it flaunts an incredible goal so that you can profit from its dependability.

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If you would prefer not to experience any problem, you can practically utilize the preloaded overall base map that this unit accompanies. With this gadget, you can assume responsibility for your next chasing experience. You can even use it to design your outing alongside different trackers.


  • Impeccable reception.
  • Large display.
  • 8 MP camera and compatible with several mounts.
  • Dual orientation.
  • Wireless communication.
  • Electronic compass.
  • The size is larger.
  • It is expensive.

6. Garmin Oregon 750T Review – Safest Crossbow

Killer Instict Swat

Check Price

Marginally greater than a portion of different units we’ve exhibited here yet a handheld other option, the Garmin 750T is a shocking decision if you’re searching for a model that accompanies anything you may require. For instance, this unit flaunts a 3-hub tilt-remunerated electronic compass total with a barometric altimeter and accelerometer, and that is something you may neglect to discover incomparable models.

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The tough form, just as it is waterproof to IPX7 norms, can give you a pointer concerning if it will stand the test of time. With the 8-megapixel camera that it has been outfitted with, you can catch your chasing experiences as best as could be expected under the circumstances. It even accompanies a LED streak. Utilize the 3-inch screen to look at the information given by TOPO US 100K, Active Weather, or the Geocaching site. It’s also a victor regarding availability as it is Bluetooth, ANT+, and WiFi proficient.

The device is created for rugged and tough conditions, making it a beneficial device for outdoor activities.


  • Preloaded with topo US 100K Maps.
  • It comes with a 1year Bird eye satellite subscription.
  • Includes an 8 MP camera.
  • Features a 3-in. touchscreen display.
  • Very easy to navigate.
  • Provides support for animated overlays and weather forecasts.
  • Upload images and locations to the Garmin online community.
  • It would be best if you took some time to learn its features and how it works.


GPS can help you a lot in hunting, and it has become a necessity now. Before buying any GPS, you should consider satellite reception, whether they are to use or not, their speed, display, and if they lie under your budget or not. We have explained some of the best handheld GPS for you, and we are sure that it will be easier for you to buy the right one for yourself.

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