Best Deer Attractant Lure Whitetail Bucks

by | Last updated Mar 2, 2022

Best Crossbow ReviewsDeer attractants are used to attract deer to places so that you can hunt them. A good deer attractant can save you a lot of time and effort. A good deer attractant can help you in hunting a lot. It is hard to catch a deer and lure them where you want to.

Hunters often use deer attractants to lure deers and their prey to the areas where deer often roam and wander here and there. But deer attractants are not magic. They can not work under rain or bad weather conditions. Good deer attractants can help you a lot. But there are a lot of varieties in the market from which you can choose from.

You don’t have to be confused. We have narrowed the list to ten and explained every deer attractant’s qualities so you can choose the best one for yourself and go hunting with it.

Crossbow Name Weight Velocity Draw Weight

Whitetail Institute Imperial Clover

8 Pounds  425 FPS 195 pounds Check Price
Evolved Deer Co-Cain 7.25 Pounds  420 FPS  185 Pounds Check Price
Tall Tine Tubers 6.2 Pounds  405 FPS  290 Pounds Check Price

Whitetail INST. Apple Obsession

6.9 Pounds  385 FPS  160 Pounds Check Price

Buck Stop Natural Skunk Deer Scent

7.9 Pounds  410 FPS  185 Pounds Check Price
Killer Instinct Swat 6.9 Pounds  385 FPS  165 Pounds Check Price

C’MERE Deer 3-Day Harvest

7.7 Pounds  315 FPS  150 Pounds Check Price
HME Scent Web 8.6 Pounds  350 FPS  175 Pounds Check Price


4.8 Pounds  235 FPS  175 Pounds Check Price

Antler King Honey Hole Mix

8.5 Pounds  320 FPS  150 Pounds Check Price

1. Whitetail Institute Imperial Clover – Promotes Antler Growth and Attracts Deer, Heat, Cold and Drought Tolerant

Ravin 15 Crossbow

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The Imperial Clover by Whitetail Institute attracts deer extremely. It is very effective and lasts longer than five years. That means you don’t have to worry about buying something again and again. The Imperial Clover will draw attention to deers no matter where you plot them and what the area is.

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It is always suggested to perform a soil test first. This will help you know where you want to plot the product. The Imperial Clover contains the only clover varieties that attract deers and not any other roaming species, so you are safe. The food has protein in it as well. The protein is great for bones and muscle growth, which means that the deer will be fed with proper healthy food. The best soil to plant this product is soil with a lot of moisture.


  • Razor blades are made of stainless steel.
  • Flies faster than most of the broadheads.
  • Blades of the broadhead are detachable.
  • The broadhead is lightweight.
  • The shock collars are delicate.

2. Evolved Deer Co-Cain Review – BlackMagic

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Another excellent deer attractant you will find is Evolved Deer Co-Cain. It attracts deers only. The food has woody-aroma and is not bad in taste, which attracts many deers and often enjoys eating it.

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The Evolved Deer Co-Cain is enriched with calcium and phosphorus, so your deer will have a healthy diet. The Evolved Deer Co-Cain requires no mixing and comes ready to be on the ground. You will attract big bucks into wide-open areas. The Evolved Deer Co-Cain is perfect for year-round use. The pleasant taste does not irritate deer’s senses and is suitable for their health as well. So overall, it is an excellent option to go for.


  • Chase tip can cut through anything.
  • The shot is accurate with this broadhead.
  • The broadhead comes with a free practice head.
  • The blade retention of the broadhead is exceptional.
  • They might bend when you hit the ground.

3. Whitetail Institute Imperial Tall Tine Tubers Review – Food Sources to Attract and Hold Deer

Excalibur Matrix Mega 405

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The best feature to talk about Imperial Tall Tine Tubers is handling all the challenging weather situations. No matter if it is raining or you have a lovely sunny day, this product will handle all of it and will grow rapidly. Rapid growth is another fantastic feature of Imperial Tall Tine Tubers.

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The product consists of turnip type food specially designed for deers because they are attracted and like the deers’ taste. The deers will get all the nourishment, and the foliage that stays above the ground gives many minerals and vitamins. So you will be providing a healthy diet to deers. The product comes in two sizes. The small packet will be enough for half an acre, and the bigger one will be enough to cover more than two acres of land. The Imperial Tall Tine Tubers are also extremely drought and cold resistant. So they will provide food to deers even in extremely cold weather as well.


  • Comes from a known brand.
  • The blades are 0.30 inches thick.
  • The blades do not open in flight.
  • The collarless design is excellent for accuracy.
  • May have issues with blood trails.

4. Whitetail INST. Apple Obsession Review – Granular attractant that is effective and effortless

TenPoint Carbon Phantom RCX Crossbow

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The apple flavor and aroma attracts the whitetail deer. The fall and winter season with Whitetail INST. Apple Obsession will bring a lot of deers to your place. And this is precisely what you want. The product is super easy to use. Just pour the Apple Obsession product on the soil, and you are good to go. You don’t have to mix anything.

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The Whitetail Apple Obsession contains 24% protection. The product is filled with loads of nutrients and vitamins so your deer will get the best. The apple aroma and taste will appeal to many deers, and you can attract them to areas you want.


  • The light and thin sharp blades make smooth cuts.
  • The ferrule is made of aluminum alloy, which made the broadhead very durable.
  • The broadhead has a hardened steel trocar tip, which provides penetration during flight.
  • The blades are not great for bones.

5. Buck Stop Natural Skunk Deer Scent Review -Just a drop or two will do

Barnett Ghost 410

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The Buck Stop Natural Skunk Deer Scent is a fantastic choice if you want to attract deers to yourself. The skunk scent attracts deers a lot. And you will only need one drop to attract deers. The strong aroma and scent will attract many of them, and the bottle will last very long.

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It is said that the bottle will last the whole hunting season, so you don’t have to worry about buying it again and again. The wax sealing always prevents the odor from scenting out. If you want something in the budget, the Buck Stop Skunk Deer Scent will be the right choice for you. You don’t have to invest in this product. The strong skunk smell is impressive to cover human scent and attract deers. But few people complained that the scent fades away with time after opening the wax seal.


  • The broadhead has four blades with the thickness of 0.35 inches only.
  • The broadhead uses Shock Collar Technology.
  • The broadhead also uses exclusive Slip Cam Technology.
  • Some users complain about accuracy with the broadhead.

6. C’MERE Deer 3-Day Harvest Review – Tested under real hunting conditions

Killer Instict Swat

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If you want to attract deers from longer distances, C’MERE Deer 3-Day Harvest is the right choice for you. The scent and aroma will attract a lot of deers. The C’MERE Deer 3-Day Harvest is tested to lure deers during the hunting season.

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The Harvest product works best when deers are more likely to forage for food. The scent lasts longer, even for many days. The deer will stay there for at least three days, so you will have enough time to plan and think about how to catch your prey. The C’MERE Deer Harvest is tested and proven to attract lots of deers to wherever you harvest it. It also is very budget-friendly.


  • The great aerodynamics will keep the arrow on the line.
  • The thin and sharp blades can cut anything.
  • Great for more considerable distances as well.
  • The broadhead is durable.
  • The changing of blades can be a challenging task to do.

7. HME Scent Web Review – Environmental Friendly

Barnett Jackal Crossbow

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If you are looking for something very environment friendly and easy to use, HME Scent Web Spray is a perfect choice. It is a spray that can attract deers. It is very much powerful and works wonders. You will be able to catch your prey without spending a lot of time.

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The best thing about HME Scent Web is that you can spray it from fifteen feet distance, and the strong scent will overcome human scent. The deers will be attracted and come to the areas you want them to. These products can be up to 300% more effective than any liquid deer attractant. The HME Scent Web comes in a variety of flavors. You get to choose between eight kinds of different flavors, and they all are very effective and attract the deers quickly and efficiently. It is also not expensive so do not worry about going out of the budget.


  • A larger cutting surface is provided with a 4-blade design.
  • The sharp steel tip can crush any bone.
  • It is believed to attain excellent precision.
  • The best quality and unique design offer matchless aerodynamics.
  • It somehow lacks the practice head that most of its competitors do have.

8. PRIMOS DONKEY JUICE MOLASSES Review – Attractant for Deer


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Some liquids can also attract deers and bucks towards themselves. So if you are looking for a liquid deer attractant, Primos Donkey Juice is the best option for you. There is no other liquid deer attractant good enough like Donkey Juice.

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The Donkey Juice Molasses has sweet acorn and molasses flavoring, which attracts deers and bucks a lot. It is effortless to use. You can apply the juice anywhere, like a tree stump or on any other wooden surfaces. You can also add Donkey Juice on the open surfaces and wide areas to attract deers. The deers like the taste and smell. The Donkey Juice contains high fats, which gives more energy to the deer. It also is a good source of minerals. Donkey juice is the best of its kind and is not very expensive as well.


  • Advanced accuracy provided by the hybrid tip.
  • The practice head is free to get some practice time.
  • The steel ferrule prevents splitting.
  • The Shock Collar technology will give the proper blade retention.
  • Certain chances of rust as the screws that keep the blades in place are made up of non-stainless steel.

9. Antler King Honey Hole Mix Review – Fast growing


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The Antler King Honey Hole Mix is different from other products we mentioned in the article. And the reason is that Honey Hole Mix is a mixture of plants. You are getting Rapeseeds and Turnips together for your dearest deers.

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The deers’ aroma and taste are always liked, and you will be able to attract deers a lot. The product works best in late summer or early fall. These seasons ensure that the growth is fast and efficient. With one packet, you will cover around half an acre of land, which makes it budget-friendly as well. The Honey Hole Mix is very easy to use as well. This product is tolerant of soil acidity. And the fantastic thing is when the weather gets cold, the plants get sweeter. The sweeter plants attract the deers even more, which is fantastic.


  • Trocar tip made of stainless steel ensures the prey goes through a complete pass-through shot.
  • Sharp blades improve accuracy and increase penetration power.
  • Long-lasting product if handled with care.
  • Provide more considerable field point accuracy.
  • It is a hustle to replace the blades.

10. Wildgame Innovations Acorn Rage Review – Nutrient filled formula improves Deer health


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Do you want your dearest deer to be healthy and full of nutrients? Well, no worries. Because we bring the best option for you, wildgame Innovations Acorn Rage is something you should go for because this product is full of the right nutrients.

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The Acorn Rage promotes and focuses on antler growth. The product contains real acorns. The real acorns are crushed and blended with roasted soybean meal. How healthy and full of nutrients it sounds? The deers love this kind of food and will come to eat them every day. You don’t have to plant anything. Just place the product on the ground, and you are good to go. You can use the product year-round. The product can be illegal in some places. So make sure you check before buying.


  • The broadhead is efficient and has sharp blades.
  • The broadhead makes fast and humane killing.
  • The V-notch chisel tip is an excellent choice for cutting.
  • Some users complained about the broadhead’s precision.


The best deer attractants are explained above. You will get a different kind of deer attractants. We have given you options in the form of liquids and gases as well. Now is the time to decide which is the right one for you. So what are you waiting for? Read the article carefully and decide which one you will choose and attract as many deers as you want. We are sure that you will enjoy hunting like never before.

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